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12 Jun 2022 18:12:PM
The month of May had been good for singer-songwriters in terms of volume of releases. Musicians from different parts of the country have released different tracks, with genres ranging from rock, lo-fi indie folk and straight-up mellow stuff. There’s also a gem of an instrumental from a veteran Kolkata-based guitarist.
‘Diamonds from Heaven’ — Vikramjit Banerjee
Veteran guitarist Vikramjit Banerjee, better known as Tuki, from the Bengali folk rock band Krosswindz, is letting his hair down with solo instrumental compositions. Sensuous, imaginative and lucid, Tuki weaves the instrument like a master. The result sounds like fine, aged wine. There’s rich expressionism, especially with a pulsating drum solo, from where the guitar picks up the baton again without breaking a sweat. There’s a tendency to lean towards jazz influenced improvisation, but the central musical vein is Western classical. The music literally pours down from the skies like perfect, glittering rain – the classic accompaniment to a wine-addled, breezy evening.
‘Open Your Eyes’ — Pankaj Das
Guwahati-based singer-songwriter Pankaj Das is digging deep into his hard rock roots with this visceral track ‘Open Your Eyes’. He warns the world that everyone is out to get the other person and “take them for a ride”. A brutal representation of the world today, it’s littered with shocking truths and salt-to-the-wound incidents. Power chords create an aggressive environment, which leads to a screeching guitar solo that is steeped in emotion. Sometimes, the wailing guitar expresses disgust, anger and the hustling pace of life, but eventually settles into an inevitable realisation: life is what it is, and you have to walk through it with open eyes.
‘Confide’ – Moosa Salem feat. Jeremiah de Rozario
Indian musicians are no less than their international counterparts. Case in point: the track ‘Confide’ composed by Kashmiri musician Moosa Salem in collaboration with Kerala-based singer Jeremiah de Rozario. Soft, lulling and pleasant, it is a different take on a love song. The whispered breezy vocals of Rozario touch listeners like soft caresses. With lyrics like, “Could be a million different people in a day, but with you, I know I’ll always feel the same,” it ensconces listeners in a warm blanket of comfort, familiarity and the pangs of longing.
‘Girl Next Door’ – Pruthvi
Mumbai-based musician Pruthvi is a breath of fresh air in the wave of energetic, pumped up music designed for alcohol-fuelled evenings. Influences of shoegaze, lo-fi and straight-laced pop mix to form a delectable new dimension of indie folk. Backed by warm, non-intrusive guitar playing, Pruthvi’s husky vocals transports listeners to a different world — an escape from the brutal realities of the world.
‘Mehroom’ – Raman Negi
Raman Negi, formerly of the rock band Local Train, embarked on a new journey with the single ‘Mehroom’, after splitting from the band. Translating to ‘exclusion’, one might think that his thoughts are driven by personal experiences. However, such inferences will be driven out of one’s mind when Negi delves into his song. On soft, strummed guitar, his voice hits unbelievably high notes that leaves one breathless and stunned. The emotion bleeding out of the moments can become too much at times, bringing on goosebumps.

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