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AMC has confirmed that Fear the Walking Dead season 8 will include a massive seven-year time jump, which could align the show’s timeline with TWD’s.
Fear the Walking Dead season 8 has confirmed that there will be a massive time jump. The first spinoff of the massively popular horror series The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead debuted in 2015 to critical acclaim. The show underwent massive changes after season 3, when star Kim Dickens (Madison Clark) departed the series and Fear the Walking Dead did a soft reboot. This reboot saw a completely new plotline become the focus of the series, with The Walking Dead's Lennie James (Morgan Jones) taking over from Dickens. The move was controversial, with some saying the reboot saved the series, while others stopped watching the spinoff entirely because of it. Recently, it was announced that Fear the Walking Dead season 8 would be the show's last.
A newly-released synopsis from AMC has revealed that Fear the Walking Dead season 8 will be split into two parts, with the latter including a massive seven-year time jump. The first part of season 8 will follow Morgan and Madison as they plan to rescue Mo from PADRE. The second part jumps to seven years later. Read Fear the Walking Dead's season 8 synopsis below:
Rolling out in two parts, the eighth and final season of Fear the Walking Dead kicks off with the first six episodes following Morgan (Lennie James) and Madison's (Kim Dickens) plans to rescue Mo (Zoey Merchant) from PADRE and seven years later — Morgan, Madison and the rest of the people they brought to the island are living under PADRE's cynical rule.  With our characters demoralized and dejected, the task of reigniting everyone's belief in a better world is the person Morgan and Madison set out to rescue in the first place — a now eight-year-old Mo.
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This massive multi-year jump is a first for Fear the Walking Dead, but echoes the six-year time jump in The Walking Dead season 9. The final part of season 8 also parallels The Walking Dead season 11, which saw the show's heroes fighting against the Commonwealth's oppressive rule. Though PADRE remains a mysterious entity as of the Fear the Walking Dead season 7 finale, the season 8 synopsis teases how large of a role the community will play in the final episodes of the series.
With the seven-year jump being the first massive time skip in Fear the Walking Dead, many have theorized that this jump should bring the spinoff's timeline up to The Walking Dead's timeline. Both shows' stories begin in 2010, and by the time of The Walking Dead's finale episode, the original series should be taking place around 2023. Meanwhile, Fear the Walking Dead season 7 takes place somewhere around 2015, meaning that a seven-year jump would put the final episodes of the series in about 2021. Without confirmation from the creators, it's difficult to pinpoint exact dates, but the major jump certainly aligns the endings of the two series more concretely.
Though major characters from The Walking Dead continue to live on in AMC's multiple upcoming spinoff series, audiences are now wondering if Fear the Walking Dead characters could also continue to make appearances. With the details of The Walking Dead: Dead City, Daryl Dixon, and Rick and Michonne still under tight wraps, however, there haven't been glimpses of any character cameos teased as of yet. Regardless of whether the series will continue to live on after its finale season, Fear the Walking Dead fans can look forward to a jaw-dropping season 8.
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Source: AMC
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