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Everything ends… even the immortals.“―Eric Northman, to Pamela Swynford de Beaufort [src]

Eric Northman is a first-rate character, and vampire, at the HBO unique series True Blood.Played through Swedish starring actor Alexander Skarsgård, Eric makes his debut on the episode “Escape from Dragon House” inside the collection’ first season.Born in Sweden in 900AD, at some point of the Viking duration, he become grew to become in 930AD, making him over 1,000 years old. The Vampire sheriff of Louisiana’s Area five, which encompasses the small city of Bon Temps, Eric owns the vampire bar Fangtasia within the neighboring metropolis of Shreveport.Playing a first-rate position via the collection’ first, 2d, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh seasons, he changed into remaining visible on the series’ finale episode, “Thank You”, inside the series’ 7th, and final, season.Physical Appearance[]

Eric is 6’five” tall, has blond hair, and blue eyes.Personality[]”If I cannot cross on, you should make a brand new vampire. It is some time to be a maker.“―Eric Northman, to Pam as they discuss their destiny related to Russell Edgington

Eric announcing goodbye earlier than Godric meets the solar

Eric is shown to be calculating but dependable and generally inclined to absolve people that aggravate him, until they’ve grievously crossed him. His loyalty as Progeny to his Maker Godric turned into so sturdy, that he fell to his knees in tears when Godric decided to quit his lifestyles through meeting the sun (“I Will Rise Up”). Eric demanded to burn beside him and claimed that he couldn’t stay with out Godric. The handiest element that saved Eric from assembly the solar changed into Godric’s final command as Eric’s maker, telling Eric now not to live on the roof with him.

Eric has a terrific capability for loyalty and affection, considering vampire nature. He proven this together with his progeny Pam (“Fresh Blood”) and his growing love and affection for Sookie. When he’s reunited with his vampire sister Nora, they show first-rate affection for one another. Eric claims he might do something for Nora.

Being a peaceful and methodical character, Eric is on the whole in control of his emotions. He not often loses his mood, but has proven a incredible ability for violence when driven. Eric is unconcerned about being considered as “the bad guy” merely seeing his moves as a way to an end. He is regularly secretive and may be relatively of a trickster, but is sincere and direct.

Eric is assured sufficient to no longer think he needs to show himself. He has a pleasure of residing and a humorousness unusual for vampires.

After his memory become erased by way of Marnie, Eric’s personality adjustments entirely. Losing his memory showed the Eric at the back of the mask. He is mild and sweet in the direction of Sookie and is even disturbed via the horrible matters he has done while he unearths out approximately them. Upon gaining his memory lower back he claims he isn’t always just the antique or new Eric, he’s both.Biography[]Powers and Abilities[]

Eric (after ingesting the blood of Warlow) commits a massacre at Camp Vampire

Eric has the common powers and weaknesses of a vampire. Eric is over 1,000 years old however retains the appearance of a young guy. As a vampire, Eric has an infinite lifespan. He does not physically age nor can he die from natural causes which include sickness (except for Hepatitis V) or old age. According to Queen Sophie-Anne Leclerq, Eric is the oldest and strongest vampire citizen of Louisiana. He demonstrates his advanced energy over her while he forcefully throws her to the ground and threatens to rip-off her head, whilst all she ought to do was publish. Eric once kicked a man across Fangtasia with out lots attempt and sent Lafayette to the floor with only a flick of his wrist. He manhandled, overpowered, and tore Royce aside along with his bare palms. He without difficulty ripped Roy’s heart out of his chest with one hand and has decapitated each human beings and younger vampires with handiest a karate chop. Eric turned into but, a long way weaker than his maker Godric who changed into over 2,000 years at the time of his True Death) or his foes Salome Agrippa (additionally 2,000 years vintage at time of True Death), Russell Edgington (almost three,000 years at the time of his True Death), and Macklyn Warlow (over five,500 years vintage).

Eric can flow at speeds that make him appear as a blur. This allows him to cowl brief distances instantly and longer distances in brief durations of time. Even a gun-fired bullet seems to move in slow movement to him. Eric heals hastily and fully from any non-deadly injury. He is exempt from all human diseases and ailments with the exception of Hepatitis D. Eric possesses heightened senses and might see in whole darkness. It is found out in Season 2 that Eric has the potential to fly, a unprecedented but useful vampire energy. Originally assumed to be due to his age, it seems as though this capability is probably tied to Godric’s bloodline, because the a lot younger Nora also can fly.

As a maker he had the capability to name and command his progeny, Pam and Willa. He misplaced those capabilities on Pam whilst he released her.

Like Bill, Eric can day stroll completely, seeing as he drained nearly all of Warlow’s blood. Now letting him stroll inside the sun mild with out a ill-effect. However, once Warlow met the True Death, Eric lost the capability to day stroll.

Eric is the 5th-oldest vampire added in True Blood in the back of Warlow, Russell, Godric, and Salome. Due to the others all meeting the True Death as of the final season of the show, Eric is currently the oldest vampire left at the collection not taking into account different ancient vampires who have been never added. While he had suffered from Hepatitis V, it was assumed that this name could go over to Violet.Upon Eric receiving theCure, however, Eric’s full recuperation meant that Violet not stands a chance.Trivia[]

  • According to Pam, Eric owns a farm in Öland (Sweden) which she despises. This may be on the website online of his ancestral royal area.
  • His other homes encompass a plantation inside the Caribbean and a five-famous person apartment in Paris.
  • He in brief took ownership of the Stackhouse home for approximately 1/2 a year and renovated it. He has for the reason that formally again it to Sookie for her protection.
  • Eric is the oldest vampire on the show as of the series finale. All the vampires that have been older than him that formerly regarded on the show all died.
  • Eric is term for “Erik.” Erik comes from Old Norse, (c. 1300). The first element which means “one” or “alone.” And the closing part “rik” meaning “Ruler.”
  • “Pam tells me you have written a ebook… in which you claim to no longer be an asshole. (ironically) Is this genuine, Bill?”

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