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“This is my hostel. There is no ragging here, it is called bonding,” a first-year student tells us in the trailer of Engga Hostel, with “Engg” also referring to their engineering life. As freshers join the college, the trailer is filled with ragging moments, and how the new set of students navigate their college life.
While the series follows six engineering students, the love triangle between Ajay, Ahaana and Rajathilagam takes the center stage. The series promises to take us through a nostalgic trip of fun, friendship and love.
Starring Sacchin Nachiappan, Avinaash Ramesh and Samyuktha Viswanathan, Engga Hostel, created by TVF, is the Tamil version of the entertaining college drama Hostel Daze. The series is directed by Sathish Chandrasekhar and will stream on Amazon Prime Video from January 27.
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