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Netflix’s Do Revenge serves several hilarious moments that leave its viewers gagged. Here are the best of them, ranked.
Starring Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke, Netflix’s latest original film Do Revenge is a dark teen comedy that borrows its elemental plot, per The Guardian, from Alfred Hitchcock’s classic Strangers on a Train. More than that, Do Revenge is also reminiscent of other teen movies throughout the ages, from Mean Girls to Clueless. Of course, rather than rehashing these movies altogether, the Netflix original takes its cue from these stories and re-frames them from a Gen Z perspective. Since its release on the streaming platform in September 2022, Do Revenge has increasingly gained acclaim from critics and audiences alike.
As hinted by the title, Do Revenge tells a tale of two social outcasts, Drea (Mendes) and Eleanor (Hawke), seeking vengeance from a clique who has wronged them, but, of course, with a subversive twist. Now streaming on Netflix, these are Do Revenge's best moments, ranked.
This scene in Do Revenge takes place in the washroom. Here, Drea is sulking about the events that have led to her being outcast by her friends when Eleanor checks on her. Obsessed with the idea of exacting revenge, they devise a plan in this moment, which ultimately kick-starts the story. Significantly, these scene juxtaposes the two polarizing characters — Drea, social butterfly of Rosehill Country Day High School, and Eleanor, socially awkward teen — as they forge an unlikely friendship.
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Though initially friends with Drea, Tara (played by Alisha Boe) ends her friendship with her in the wake of Drea's scandalous video with Max (played by Austin Abrams), the hot shot of Country Day. The scene opens with Tara delivering an apologetic speech to Drea in the washroom for getting caught in bad choices and over-complications that have drifted them apart and uplifting Drea’s sunken spirit, pushing her to give a tough fight to Max for his cheap swindles. Naturally, the scene unequivocally delivers raw emotions that appear like sunshine on a rainy day for Drea, who perhaps should be far from deserving any sympathy. Notably, contrary to its title, the outing introduces emotions like love, compassion, and care in a flick that is intended to be a puddle of retribution, hatred, and shenanigans.
Sophie Turner’s performance as Erica makes a memorably hilarious bit-part in Do Revenge. Framed in a cocaine case, Erica lands in a rehabilitation camp where she accidentally meets Drea. Naturally, disappointed by her treachery, Erica tastefully offloads her revengeful emotions on her, serving another string of comical moments for the viewers. In her spiteful exchange with Torres, she wishes for nothing but miseries and more such poisonous outcomes for Drea. To say the least, this particular scene not just serves as an unmissable set of funny quotes from Sophie’s catty Erica, but is also a flawless portrayal of the character by Turner through her sincere acting. Frankly, the only thing that will ebb away the fun from this montage is that it did not last long enough to choke the watchers.
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The showdown moments of Do Revenge re-unite the trio of Drea, Tara, and Eleanor in drawing a final curtain on Max’s scandals by exposing him publicly. The sequence indeed brings closure to two parallel stories of the characters. Firstly, it stages the three leading protagonists — Eleanor, Tara, and Drea — in one frame and establishes a reconciliation among them by setting aside their visible emotional differences, and secondly, teams them up against their common enemy, Max. Evidently, the audience is served with a much-needed ending of smashing the existing patriarchy in Rosehill Country Day High School — and in general, too.
Eleanor’s exposition by Carissa is by far the best moment in the teen outing Do Revenge. In it, Drea is seen getting ambushed by Eleanor’s past, which unsurprisingly has turned her world upside-down. As such, Carissa reveals that Eleanor previously went by the name Nora and was a victim of bullying by her clique in summer camp. Naturally, the entire revenge game devised by Drea does a 180 when reality hits her that she is nothing but a petty pawn in Nora’s retaliatory act. Of course, this truth of Levetan did not sit well with Drea and the audience alike. Needless to say, this is the gripping event of Do Revenge, which keeps the moviegoers guessing: how will Drea recover from this betrayal? And will she Do Revenge on Eleanor too or forgive her?
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