DO EXO On The Same Plane As Jennie BLACKPINK

In the past, many fans have speculated about whether or not Kai, the main dancer of K-pop group EXO, is dating YG’s Teddy. The two were once linked in a relationship, but that ended after Dispatch revealed their relationship. Now, the two are reportedly dating different people. However, it’s unclear if the two are on the same romantic plane.

DO EXO On The Same Plane As Jennie BLACKPINK

In October, BLACKPINK members Rose and Kai were spotted arriving at LAX a day apart. Rose has been busy promoting her solo projects while Kai has been hanging out in LA with her friends. Jisoo has not been in the country since he’s busy preparing for the release of his solo album, Snowdrop. According to sources, the two were spotted at the airport on the same day.

The news that DO EXO will be traveling to the US is a big one for fans. Rose and DO EXO have been busy in the United States to promote their solo albums. Jisoo was in Korea, where he’s preparing for the release of Snowdrop. The two were spotted at the airport a day apart. It’s not entirely clear whether they will tour with each other before or after the release of Snowdrop, but both appeared happy to be traveling to America.

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