Deadpool 2 Review: R-rated movie treats that churn


Two years after the success of the first Deadpool, in 2018, one of Marvel’s antiheroes is back with its sequel, Deadpool 2. Surely not a few of you are waiting for Deadpool’s jaw-dropping jokes. Well, right on May 15 yesterday, Deadpool 2 was officially screened in all Indonesian cinemas and managed to get almost the same hype as Avengers: Infinity War.

Well, this time we will review the second film for Ryan Reynolds as a character nicknamed ‘ The Merc With A Mouth ‘. Is this Deadpool 2 movie as expected? And how about the portion of the new characters in this film? Come on, see the review below, Geeks !

In terms of the storyline, Deadpool 2 might be considered light, especially for those of you who are familiar with the X-Men comic book. As seen in various trailers and synopsis of Deadpool 2, this film tells about Wade Wilson’s efforts to protect a little boy who has Mutant powers named Russell from the pursuit of Cable who came from the future. From the beginning of the film, you don’t seem to think it’s too hard to follow the story in Deadpool 2, because the story is still not too far from the first Deadpool film which was released in 2016.

However, this film by director David Leitch seems to present a different story from other comic-based films, which usually always present the battle of Hero against Villain. Meanwhile, in Deadpool 2, the focus is more on the Russell character. So it’s not wrong if in your mind the question arises “Who is the real villain in this Deadpool 2 movie?”.

Stunning Action From New Characters

As you know before, that in Deadpool 2, there are many characters from the X-Men comics, such as Cable, Domino, and several mutants who are members of the X-Force team. Talking about new characters, automatically there will be new stars involved. First, we will discuss two new, more dominant characters, namely Cable and Domino. Of course you already know that Josh Brolin made his debut in the X-Men Universe through his role as Cable in Deadpool 2. Meanwhile, recently, the 50-year-old actor is identical to his role as Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. But make no mistake geeks, even in Deadpool 2 he is able to present a charisma suitable for the character he plays, and his character as Cable is arguably very capable coupled with epic combat actions.

For the Domino character, played by the beautiful actress Zazie Beetz, it has a sufficient portion. By joining the X-Force and the power of ‘luck’, Domino can be a strong partner for Deadpool to trouble his opponents. On the other hand, Domino doesn’t seem awkward to balance the funny jokes made by Wade Wilson aka Deadpool. But one thing that is very unfortunate in this Deadpool 2 movie, the new characters who are members of the X-Force team only have a small portion compared to Cable and Domino. So, for those of you who have followed various Deadpool 2 trailers, it seems that you will be disappointed with the appearance of the X-Force team member.

It would not be wrong to call Ryan Reynolds the king in Deadpool 2, besides his role as the main character Wade Wilson, he also worked with David Leitch so that this film has a strong formula to entertain Deadpool fans. Ryan Reynolds’ character as Wade Wilson is not much different from the first film, but there are also differences from that presented in the sequel film. Deadpool, which we have known as a mutant character who is cheerful, funny and chatty, in Deadpool 2, the character emphasizes the human side and behaves more maturely.

The dramatic romance between Wade Wilson and Vanessa is one of the climactic parts in Deadpool 2. So it can be said that Deadpool’s character in this film has a more complex nature than the previous film. Meanwhile, various funny jokes from Deadpool are an added value for this film, not only geeks , the various scenes can make you laugh from the beginning of the film to the end of the film. So get ready to hold back the soreness in your cheeks because of Deadpool’s silly behavior, geeks .

Masterpiece by David Leitch

Before working on Deadpool 2, this one director became known for various Thriller films such as John Wick (2014) and Atomic Blonde (2017). Although the previous two films have a non-comedy feel, working on Deadpool 2 seems to reveal the humorous side of David Leitch, making Deadpool 2 one of the masterpieces he worked on. Aside from the intriguing humor, David Leitch certainly didn’t miss the technical factor for this Deadpool 2 film. From a technical point of view, the use of CGI in Deadpool 2 is considered very successful in providing a new experience for the audience, coupled with a commensurate cinematography.

In addition, David Leitch is also very smart to insert various cameos that are presented in the Deadpool 2 film. So, in addition to the intriguing story and humor, Deadpool 2 is also a ‘ surprising ‘ film for you fans of Marvel mutant characters, let alone the many ‘hard codes’ related to it. with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, geeks . Over all , Deadpool 2 deserves an 8 out of 10 with a comedy treat combined with conflict between the characters. A little reminder that Deadpool 2 is not recommended for viewing by minors, because this film is R-Rated. So , congratulations on watching Deadpool 2 in your favorite cinema, geeks !

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