Criminal Minds Cast: Where Are They Now?

Criminal Minds renewed for 15th and final season Entertainment Paper
Criminal Minds renewed for 15th and final season Entertainment Paper from

The Beginning of Criminal Minds

Back in 2005, the world was introduced to a new crime drama series called Criminal Minds. The show followed a team of FBI profilers who worked together to solve various criminal cases. The cast included some big names in the entertainment industry such as Mandy Patinkin, Thomas Gibson, Shemar Moore, and Paget Brewster.

Their Characters

Mandy Patinkin portrayed the character of Jason Gideon, the senior profiler and leader of the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU). Thomas Gibson played the role of Aaron Hotchner, the BAU unit chief. Shemar Moore was Derek Morgan, an experienced special agent, and Paget Brewster was Emily Prentiss, the BAU’s new supervisory special agent.

The Show’s Success

Criminal Minds quickly became a hit show and ran for 15 seasons. The show’s success can be attributed to its talented cast, gripping storylines, and the fact that it dealt with real-life crimes.

Where Are They Now?

Now that the show has come to an end, fans may be wondering what the cast of Criminal Minds is up to these days.

Mandy Patinkin

After leaving the show in 2007, Mandy Patinkin went on to star in Showtime’s Homeland. He played the character of Saul Berenson, a CIA operative. Patinkin received critical acclaim for his role in the show and was nominated for several awards.

Thomas Gibson

Thomas Gibson’s departure from Criminal Minds was surrounded by controversy. He was fired from the show in 2016 after an altercation with a writer. Since then, Gibson has kept a low profile and has not appeared in any major productions.

Shemar Moore

Shemar Moore left Criminal Minds in 2016 to pursue other projects. He went on to star in the CBS series S.W.A.T, where he played the character of Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson.

Paget Brewster

Paget Brewster left Criminal Minds in 2012 but returned for the show’s final season. Since leaving the show, Brewster has appeared in various other productions such as Community, Another Period, and DuckTales.


The cast of Criminal Minds has gone on to do great things since the show ended. While some have kept a low profile, others have gone on to star in other successful productions. Fans of the show will always have fond memories of the talented cast that made the show a success.

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