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Connect is the latest horror thriller film, starring Nayanthara in the lead role. Nayanthara’s husband, Vignesh Shivan, is the producer of the film. Ashwin Saravanan, who has previously made similar films such as Game Over, has chosen a thrilling script and set up again. As shown in the trailer, the film is set against the backdrop of the possession of spirits during the COVID era. The idea looks terrific in the trailer. Today, following the film’s theatrical release, the film provides a similar thrilling experience for the audience in theaters for 99 minutes nonstop. However, Connect is not similar to other films of the genre. It has some additional advantages and special effects. Let us take a look at the detailed review of Connect here.
Writer and Director -Ashwin Saravanan
Production Company – Rowdy Pictures, UV Creations
Cast – Nayanthara, Haniya Nafisa, Vinay Rai, Sathyaraj, and Anupam Kher
Joseph Benoy (Vinay Rai), Susan (Nayanthara), and Anna Joseph (Haniya Nafisa) are a happy family. Joseph Benoy loses his life as a COVID warrior after treating many COVID patients. Anna Joseph could not take this, and with uncontrollable grief, she tries to communicate with her father using an ouija board. Unfortunately, Anna Joseph is forced to communicate with an unwanted spirit. How Susan, Anna’s mother, fights this situation to save her daughter forms the rest of the narrative in Connect.
Nayanthara plays the protagonist for Ashwin for the second time after Maya. Nayanthara once again excels in Ashwin’s film, and the director is able to equally draw everything from the lady superstar.
Haniya Nafisa is a surprise package in the film from the casting perspective. She pulled off the difficult role with ease and excellence.
Sathyaraj and Anupam Kher are value-added services for this video call thriller.
Ashwin Sarvanan chose a brilliant script written by Kavya Ramkumar, which was set against the backdrop of COVID. As we all know, the resources get limited when we get into the COVID zone. The locations get bounded, the making style gets limited, and the writing gets tough. But both Ashwin and Kavya pulled off a brilliant film even with limited resources. Particularly, the mood and setup the makers created as if the audience were witnessing a film shot on a mobile camera is purely technical brilliance. This is the real horror element of the film. This time, Ashwin somehow overlooks the protagonist’s deep emotion and direct effect. Instead, he brings in Satan to build up the horror. However, it is so good to see Ashwin Sarvanan trying different things in the horror genre, with Connect being his third film from the same group.
The runtime of the film is 99 minutes. It is so crisp and thrilling, which is very much required for horror films. Editor Richard Kevin needs to be appreciated for this. Another intriguing aspect of the film is that there is no intermission to break up the experience. 
Manikantan’s cinematography is the best part from the technical side. His close-ups of the characters are what make this film.
Prithvi Chandrasekhar’s background score is equally good. Also, the sound design from Sync Cinema deserves a special mention.
Connect is another gem from Ashwin Saravanan’s bag filled with horror and thriller films. The film is packed with technical brilliance and strong performances. The audience will surely get connected with the thrilling experience of Connect.

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