Cinderella Review: Camila Cabello Is The Cinderella Of The Modern Era

This Cinderella review does not contain any SPOILERS .

It seems that many of us are muttering like this when we find out that there is a Cinderella Camila Cabello film, “yes, it’s time for another Cinderella movie, aren’t you bored?” And I understand that this complaint arises.

Because if you just launch ScreenRant , there are already 10 Cinderella live-action film adaptations with various versions/variations. The most recent, of course, is the live-action adaptation of Disney’s Cinderella animated film which was released in 2015.

As a result, with the number of live-action adaptations that have been that much, it is certain that we are already “ready” by the head of the story. Even if there are modifications, yes, at least it’s the actors or the plot modifications that don’t really follow the sadistic ending of the original novel.

So what makes Cabello’s Cinderella different? Just take a look at the Cinderella review below.

Traditional But Contemporary

Immediately, what made Cinderella ‘s direction and script written by Kay Cannon ( Pitch Perfect ) was different, was KEKINIAN. Yes, this film still displays the traditional plot elements of this fairy tale of a million people.

Of course, this traditional meaning is, Cinderella or Ella (Cabello) who lives in a warehouse room, her stepmother (Idina Menzel) who always treats Ella unfairly, fairy godmather , and of course glass slipper at 12 midnight.

But once again, all the elements that we already know, Cannon and his team packaged it with a more contemporary tonal and feel . Starting from the spoken language, to the musical concept, everything is very contemporary.

This is further proven by several modifications to the plot, characters, and the presentation of popular Pop and Rock songs in this live-action musical adaptation. Queen’s ‘Somebody to Love’ , Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’ , Nico & Vinz’s ‘Am I Wrong’ , even Madonna’s ‘Material Girl’ , are some of them.

Although indeed, the film also features an original soundtrack , ‘Million to One’ which Cabello sings very beautifully.

Modified Plot and Characters That 50-50

Now on the previous point, I said through this Cinderella review that the film, made some modifications to the plot and characters to make it more contemporary. And in fact that is what happened.

And maybe I’ll just tell the obvious. Because if I reveal the plot modifications (all in all), it’s the same as a spoiler . Therefore, if you want to know more about the existing modifications, hurry up and watch the film, okay?

So one modification that has clearly been caught, is the gay black actor and singer , Billy Porter ( Anastasia ) who becomes his fairy godmother aka Fairy Godmother . Yes, you didn’t read it wrong. The kind-hearted fairy godmother was, for the first time, a black man.

Perhaps this change will cause some dislike of his audience. But don’t deny that modifications like this are adjusted again to follow current lifestyle trends.

Cabello Is A More Fun And Positive Cinderella

Despite having some of these controversial modifications, fortunately most of the actors appear very cool. Most notably, Cabello as his new Cinderella aka Ella.

Actually, if we are fans or maybe we often see some concept video clips for the song, everything is packaged very cinematic. And this former member of the girl group Fifth Harmony, in every clip, always displays her figure with acting quality like a movie actor.

Or in other words, Cabello CAN ACT. And it turns out that what we see in the video clip is really legit. This 24-year-old Cuban girl has successfully displayed a more fun and positive Cinderella figure.

Anyway, it’s very different from all previous Cinderella actors including Lily James in Cinderella (2015). But it’s not surprising either. Because of this Cinderella Camila Cabello, it does have an overall tone that is much more carefree and hopeful.

Cabello = Main Attraction

With the statement in the previous point, it is not surprising that Cabello is the main attraction of the film. And with this fact, it’s no wonder that he has succeeded in making his co-stars look good.

One example is with Nicholas Galitzine ( Handsome Devil ) who plays his future Prince in this version, named Prince Robert. Cabello succeeded in making Galitzone’s performance much better.

This is also affected by the chemistry of the two which look suitable. And Cabello is also the one who successfully improved the chemistry of the two. Meanwhile, when dealing with Menzel, the stepmother, Cabello succeeded in keeping up with Elsa’s performance in the Frozen animated film franchise .

Anyway, you who might have been Cabello’s haters , will suddenly become fans .

Heartwarming and Positive Cinderella Musical Film

Thus, the conclusion of this Cinderella review , is a musical film as well as a much more positive interpretation of Cinderella’s adaptation. Anyway, you won’t always see the figure of Cinderella crying because of her stepmother’s torture.

There are indeed moments like that, only for this version, it is much less. Also you will not see negative scenes or other suffering. And maybe, this contemporary change, some of you who are “purists” will not like the darker version of the original.

But what are we going to do, right? Once again, this Cinderella is indeed a version that fits the current lifestyle or social life, which is much more accepting and more tolerant. But despite these changes, I can assure you that this new live-action adaptation is still very entertaining.

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