NCT DREAM Discusses Growth Since Debut 6 Years Ago Until Now

When NCT DREAM Debuted, All The Members Were Only Around 15 To 18 Years Old. Nearly Six Years Later, NCT DREAM Has Consistently Shown Continuous Growth.

NCT DREAM held an online comeback press conference for the release of their second full album, “Glitch Mode” on March 28. Here, the boy group from SM Entertainment talks about their growth since their debut.

When NCT DREAM debuted, all the members were only around 15 to 18 years old. Nearly six years later, NCT DREAM has consistently shown their continuous growth as artists and maturation into adulthood.

Jaemin commented, “Starting as a representative for ‘high teen’ idols with ‘Chewing Gum,’ we have been showing our growth one by one. Because our members have worked really hard, we managed to reach ‘Glitch Mode.'”

Mark Lee added, “We are a growing group. You’ve seen us grow a lot since ‘Chewing Gum’, but I think it shows up a lot in our music. I think our color is being able to try new things and that sense of novelty.”

Through this promotion, NCT DREAM explained that they wanted to repay the love they received from fans. Renjun shared, “For our first [full-length] album, we decided not to focus on results and just put on a fun performance, song, and dance, but we are so grateful to receive so much love. In this promotion, we wanted to capture hearts. and work hard to prove that we are idols who deserve that kind of love.”

Finally, Mark concluded, “We don’t take the love we receive for granted. Our goal is for Czennie [nickname for NCT’s fan club, NCTzen] to feel the same through this album. Our second album is not the end, but the album we prepared while thinking about our growth. Delivering all of that and displaying our improved image is also our goal.”

Meanwhile, on March 27, NCT DREAM broke their personal record for album pre-orders by exceeding 2 million copies for “Glitch Mode.” Jeno thanks fans for all their love.

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