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Chano Charpentier reappeared at Lanata’s wedding, after being admitted to a clinic in Entre Ríos

Chano Charpentier reappeared at Lanata’s wedding, after being admitted to a clinic in Entre Ríos

Before the celebration, the singer traveled to continue his medical treatment and undergo various check-ups

After spending a few days in Entre Ríos, where he advanced with his medical treatment and underwent a series of check-ups , Chano Moreno Charpentier reappeared at the wedding of Jorge Lanata and Elba Marcovecchio. The former leader of the Tan Bionica band and the PPT journalist are close friends, and although the artist’s hospitalization set off alarms about his possible absence from the big event, he returned just in time to take his place at the table. major.

The first to reveal Chano’s presence at El Dok Haras, a farm located in Exaltación de la Cruz very close to his residence, was Diego Leuco. The eltrece journalist shared several images and videos in his Instagram stories, and in one of them he can be seen posing with Chano and the journalist Rolando Barbano. Chano took a place at the bride and groom’s main table, where he shared the evening with former President Mauricio Macri and his wife, Juliana Awada.

A few days ago it transpired that Chano Charpentier had been interned again in the province of Entre Ríos. This time, his visit to the Vida Sana Puiggari clinic was to be monitored and continue medical treatment. In dialogue with sources close to the musician, LA NACION was able to confirm thatthe hospitalization was already scheduled and is part of the treatment that the musician carries out.

At the end of last year, Chano Moreno Charpentier gave some details of what he does at the clinic: he has to do housework (“I had to dry the dishes and at noon I made gnocchi for all my colleagues, a compa taught me,” he revealed in October ) and attend group talks with other patients and psychologists to talk about addictions and how to overcome them. There, the musician works on his “limits, some fears and toxic ties”, as he explained some time ago.

His last public appearance was at the end of March when he appeared at the Teatro Gran Ituzaingó , in the western area of ​​Greater Buenos Aires, and his performance caused concern among his fans. The singer forgot the lyrics of some of his hits and was not seen in the best way on stage, something that his followers marked on Twitter.

a night of terror
On the night of July 25, 2021, Chano had to be hospitalized and spent several days in intensive care fighting for his life after receiving a gunshot wound to the abdomen : his left kidney, spleen and part of the pancreas had to be removed. In addition, doctors had to stitch up a perforation in his colon as a result of the incident. In relation to the event that took him to the hospital, it happened when, as a result of a psychotic outbreak, the policeman Facundo Nahuel Amendolara shot the singer.

In August of last year, the artist recorded a video within hours of being discharged from Otamendi Hospital, in which he told his fans that he was going to another place to continue his treatment. “This is not a capricious demonstration, but I have to put myself first and I have to cure my drug addiction, so I am going to another place to continue with my treatment. I need a lot of respect, not only for myself but for the colleagues who need silence to be able to continue with the treatment of their addiction disease, ”he said.

“Before every difficult moment I had, I began to read his declarations of eternal love. I am also for you, I love you forever. We can’t see each other today, but I wanted to send you this message. I am happy because I trust that the best is yet to come, ”the singer concluded his message.

The singer was hospitalized three times and starred in controversial episodes, such as the multiple collision in which he damaged several cars parked on the street, in 2015. Regarding substance use, in 2019 he declared: “I am at a time when I decided to give up all the things that made me sick, like drug addiction. I left everything, but it is an everyday struggle. It is not that one cuts and the problems end. It is very important to stop hanging out with toxic people.”


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