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Bangtan Sonyeondan had their second overall performance in South Korea. Once again, they gave everything on stage and ARMY loved every of the songs with encouragement no matter the rain. However, with the stage being wet, Jimin couldn’t help but fall at some point of a overall performance.
During day 2 of Permission to Dance on Stage in Seoul, Jimin from bts suffered a mild drop at the same time as dancing. That was now not an obstacle in her presentation, due to the fact she confirmed her professionalism by way of resuming the choreography right away.
Jimin from BTS at some stage in Black Swan. // Source: Twitter @Jiminssi_ilove
BTS usually indicates their fans how to flow on. From the administrative center to the non-public sphere. For that purpose, despite the fact that they make errors of their performances, they never forestall useless because “the show must pass on”.
And Jimin perfectly represented that word. Well, after slipping on level, he did no longer hesitate to comply with the presentation.
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The 2d night of the BTS concert in Seoul changed into raining. So the level changed into wet and slippery. It turned into in the course of the presentation of Black Swan, in considered one of Jimin’s solos, that as he superior closer to the front he couldn’t help but slip and fall to the floor in a convincing manner.
Landing on his again, the acclaimed dancer managed to include the autumn into his choreography. He improvised, he made a neck movement seeking out it to be according with the tune and shortly he were given up to renew the stairs of the authentic choreography. Moment while Jimin slips and falls to the ground at some point of Black Swan. // Source: Twitter @Jiminssi_ilove
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ARMY changed into proud of Jimin’s professionalism as he adjusted the choreography so easily and continued with the performance. However, she couldn’t assist but experience worried for the boy’s well-being.
Although no statements have been made approximately whether or not he changed into severely injured inside the fall. ARMY needs that the dancer is properly and does no longer be afflicted by soreness later.
These are a number of the unforgettable moments from the second night of PTD on Stage in Seoul.

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