Black Panther 2 Namor Actor: Everything You Need To Know

Tenoch Huerta estaría en Black Panther 2 como Namor
Tenoch Huerta estaría en Black Panther 2 como Namor from


It has been almost a decade since the first Black Panther movie hit the screens and became a massive hit. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the sequel, and the good news is that Black Panther 2 is finally happening. The movie is set to release in 2023, and the buzz around it is already very high. But what’s even more exciting is that it has been confirmed that Namor, the Sub-Mariner, will be a part of the movie. In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the Black Panther 2 Namor actor.

Who is Namor?

Namor, the Sub-Mariner, is a popular Marvel comic book character who is the king of Atlantis. He is a half-human, half-Atlantean being who possesses superhuman strength, speed, agility, and durability. Namor made his first comic book appearance in 1939 and has been a part of various Marvel comics over the years.

Who is Playing Namor in Black Panther 2?

The role of Namor in Black Panther 2 will be played by Mexican actor, Tenoch Huerta. He is best known for his roles in Narcos: Mexico and Sin Nombre. Huerta has also been cast in the upcoming Netflix series, A Cop Movie. Marvel Studios has not revealed much about Namor’s role in the movie, but fans are excited to see how he fits into the story.

What Does the Addition of Namor Mean for Black Panther 2?

The addition of Namor to the Black Panther 2 cast has led to much speculation among fans. Some believe that the movie will focus on Wakanda’s relations with Atlantis, while others think that Namor may be the movie’s villain. It’s also possible that Namor’s appearance could set up a future Atlantis-centric movie.

What Else Do We Know About Black Panther 2?

Apart from the addition of Namor, Marvel Studios has not revealed much about the plot of Black Panther 2. However, it has been confirmed that the movie will not recast the role of T’Challa, played by the late Chadwick Boseman. Instead, the movie will explore the world of Wakanda and its characters.

The Cast of Black Panther 2

Apart from Tenoch Huerta, the cast of Black Panther 2 includes many of the original cast members from the first movie. Let’s take a look at the confirmed cast:

1. Letitia Wright as Shuri

Letitia Wright will reprise her role as Shuri, T’Challa’s sister, and the genius inventor behind Wakanda’s advanced technology. Fans are excited to see more of Shuri in the sequel.

2. Lupita Nyong’o as Nakia

Lupita Nyong’o will be returning as Nakia, a Wakandan spy and T’Challa’s former lover. Nyong’o won an Academy Award for her role in 12 Years a Slave and is one of the most talented actors in Hollywood.

3. Danai Gurira as Okoye

Danai Gurira will play Okoye, the head of Wakanda’s Dora Milaje, an all-female special forces unit. Gurira is best known for her role as Michonne in The Walking Dead.

4. Winston Duke as M’Baku

Winston Duke will be back as M’Baku, the leader of the Jabari tribe and T’Challa’s ally. Duke’s performance in the first movie was widely praised, and fans are excited to see more of him in the sequel.


The addition of Namor, the Sub-Mariner, to the Black Panther 2 cast has raised many questions among fans. While we don’t know much about the movie’s plot, we do know that it will feature many of the original cast members, including Letitia Wright, Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, and Winston Duke. Black Panther 2 is set to release in 2023, and we can’t wait to see what Marvel Studios has in store for us.

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