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After having been a huge success during its broadcast on Arte, the French drama is now conquering the hearts of the American company’s subscribers! Serial killers are currently in the spotlight on Netflix and the series with Niels Arestrup and Nicolas Duvauchelle could quickly become a phenomenon.
The end of the first season was completely unexpected and this turn of events perfectly orchestrated by Bruno Merle and Olivier Abbou! The fiction ends with the interrogation of Adrien but is it the season 2 of Black Butterflies will be soon staged ? We conducted our little investigation.
Many of you have asked us if like Dahmerthe series was inspired by a true story. The answer is no, the scenario was imagined by the creators (Bruno Merle and Olivier Abbou) who nevertheless researched the subject but the objective was not to tell a true story, it was rather to explore the role of the very ambiguous consenting victim of women in serial killer couples.
Season 2 of Black Butterflies has not yet been ordered by Arte which has not made any statement about a possible sequel. Perhaps the Franco-German channel was waiting for its original creation to go online on Netflix before making a decision. If this is the case, then a sequel should soon be staged because the series is a hit with subscribers.
In just two days, it has reached the sixth place in the top ten most watched series in France on Netflix. The season 2 of Black Butterflies has a high probability to be released soon but at the moment no decision has been communicated. If the seventh French channel refuses to finance a sequel, then the streaming platform could decide to save the series but for now we must simply wait.
If Arte or Netflix decides to order the season 2 of Black Butterfliesthen the production will not start before the beginning of next year (in the best case). This implies that we will have to wait at least one full year before we can watch the trailer of the season 2 of Black Butterflies on Netflix
The plot is far from over even if it’s hard to imagine how Adrien could get out of this situation … Maybe his mother could denounce herself but that wouldn’t clear him of his father’s murder. Our hero is in a very complicated situation and the season 2 of Black Butterflies may need some time to write.
Assuming that it is ordered quickly, production will begin within a few months but the episodes will not be broadcast on Arte before early 2024 … The release date of season 2 of Black Butterflies will be in February or March 2024 on Netflix. While waiting for more information on a possible sequel, know that the new horror series “The Watcher” is inspired by a true story!
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