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It can be hard to keep up with all the movie releases each year. Between movie theaters, digital services, and streaming services, there are hundreds of movies releasing each year, so which ones are the best?
In 2021, there were 925 movies released, according to Movie Insider, and this includes streaming and direct-to-video. Meanwhile, Statista claims 403 movies were released theatrically in the US and Canada in 2021. It’s a lot to keep track of, even if that amount is an anomaly (it’s not) we can be certain that hundreds and hundreds of movies are released each year.
However, it is a lot easier to figure out what critics find to be the best. Over on GameSpot’s sister site Metacritic, they have rankings for every movie, based on critical reviews and the scores said critics give the movies. And because of this system, we can figure out what critics found to be the top 10 movies of 2022 (so far).
Let’s check out some of the best critically reviewed movies of 2022, and we’ll keep updating this list throughout the year, as it is sure to change. And speaking of movies, why not check out the worst movies of 2022, ranked by Metacritic? And of course, keep in mind that we’re only four months into the year, these lists are all very much subject to change as time marches on.
Release: February 11
Metacritic score: 86 (18 reviews)
This film about childhood bullying follows Nora, a 7-year-old, who wants to stand up for her older brother when he is being bullied on the schoolyard. He forces her to be silent, leading to more bullying.
Release: May 6
Metacritic score: 87 (10 reviews)
Actress Sangok returns to live with her family, but something is wrong. And it all has to do with her meeting with a director to talk about her return to acting.
Release: February 11
Metacritic score: 87 (9 reviews)
In this documentary, fictional love letters were found in the Film and Television Institute in India. Written by a film student named L, she recounts the changes happening in school to her estranged lover.
Release: July 19
Metacritic score: 87 (7 reviews)
The Hulu documentary takes a look at the US maternal health crisis and the people it affects and those around them.
Release: October 14
Metacritic score: 88 (15 reviews)
From legendary director Park Chan-wook (Oldboy, The Handmaiden), Decision to Leave follows a detective investigating a man’s death, which leads to a mysterious wife.
Release: March 4
Metacritic score: 89 (18 reviews)
In the wake of WWII, German citizen Hans is imprisoned because of Paragraph 175, which criminalizes homosexuality. Throughout his decades in jail, he develops a bond with Viktor, his cellmate who was convicted of murder.
Release: January 14
Metacritic score: 89 (10 reviews)
This documentary follows criminal defense and civil rights lawyer Jeffery Robinson and looks at a timeline of anti-Black racism in America.
Release: April 22
Metacritic score: 90 (24 reviews)
In this road trip movie, a family of four travel across the Iranian countryside. They bond with each other, create memories, and deal with a sick dog.
Release: February 4
Metacritic score: 90 (47 reviews)
Director Joachim Trier tells the story of Julie (Renate Reinsve) looking at her life in Oslo over the course of four years, in 12 chapters. She tries to find her identity and her own happiness as she looks for a new profession and dates two different men.
Release: February 20
Metacritic score: 92 (7 reviews)
A documentary by Maria Speth, Mr. Bachmann and His Class follows an elementary school teacher who teaches students from all over the world and now call Germany their home. This film comes in at three and a half hours.


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