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Looking for something creepy and unsettling to watch this spooky season? Here are the best movies coming to Shudder in October.
As we enter October, spooky season is in full swing and that means it’s time for horror movies galore with plenty of gore! When it comes to finding the best selection of horror flicks, there is no better streaming site than Shudder. Founded in 2015, Shudder is your one-stop shop for all things horror related. Whether you’re looking to sink your teeth into the newest horror show or are looking to have a spooky movie night, Shudder has you covered.
With the change of the month comes a change of content for Shudder and this month’s lineup of movies is howling. For original films, the anticipated movies are Deadstream and Dark Glasses, both of which promise to be hauntingly good. Plus, Shudder also has some old favorites coming to the site, so viewers can experience the terror all over again or be introduced to these older films for the first time. From original releases to classics, here are the best movies coming to Shudder this month.
Shudder's new film V/H/S/99 is one of several found footage entries on this list and is the fifth installment in the V/H/S film series which first began in 2012. Like the previous films, this newest chapter features a string of eerie, unsettling, and disturbing short clips of horror stories. This time around, we get to watch the terror unfold for the likes of Johannes Roberts, Vanessa & Joseph Winter, Maggie Levin, Tyler MacIntyre, and record producer Flying Lotus. So, prepare to be creeped out beyond your wildest imagination when this film hits Shudder on October 20th.
With a name like High Tension, one would hope that this 2003 French slasher film has plenty of tension, and it does. Join Frenchwoman Alex (Maïwenn Le Besco) as she travels to the country to visit her family. However, instead of a relaxing, quiet, peaceful getaway, Alex soon finds herself the prey of a psychotic truck driver who is out for blood, literally, or this wouldn’t be a classic slasher. High Tension is a fun, wild ride that’s not for the faint of heart. Catch this flick when it becomes available for streaming on October 24th.
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Before Paranormal Activity (2007), Unfriended (2014), and Host (2020), there was a 2002 indie film, The Collingswood Story, which was a precursor to so-called 'screenlife' films where the majority of the action takes place on a screen (usually computers, sometime phones). After relocating to attend college, Rebecca Miles (Stephanie Dees) reconnects with her boyfriend Johnny (Johnny Burton) via webcam. Johnny’s friend introduces him to Vera Madeline, an online psychic and Johnny then introduces Vera to Rebecca. Through video chatting with Vera, Rebecca soon learns the haunting history behind her new place of residence and discovers that she is not alone. Unleash the terror when The Collingswood Story comes to Shudder on October 3rd.
If you have a strong stomach, then this next entry is for you. Xavier Gens’ 2007 horror film Frontier(s) depicts the story of a young gang of criminals fleeing Paris during the aftermath of a political election. However, they soon find themselves in even more trouble when they encounter an inn run by crazy, cannibal neo-Nazis. Frontier(s) is graphic, violent, and disturbing. Even the UK trailer contains a graphic content warning. Enjoy this gory NC-17 film, if 'enjoy' is even the right word, when it hits Shudder on October 24th. It's one of a few films coming from Gens, who was a leading figure in the New French Extremity movement of ridiculously violent films.
“For we’re never very far from those we hate. For this very reason, we shall never be truly close to those we love.” Cold Skin is the story of a young Englishman tasked with the job of being a weather observer for a year on a remote, deserted island in the South Atlantic. However, when the Englishman arrives, he is unable to locate the former weather observer he is supposed to be replacing, but instead finds a deranged castaway. The Englishman soon learns that strange creatures attack the island at night and that he is their enemy who has invaded their home. Available on October 1st, Cold Skin is a chilling story that dares to go somewhere different.
While The Ninth Configuration (1980) may be the oldest entry on this list, it’s certainly not outdated by any means. This award-winning and critically acclaimed thriller/horror film from director William Peter Blatty (who won an Oscar for writing The Exorcist and a Golden Globe for this film) follows the story of a former marine who takes a position at a mental asylum and attempts to rehabilitate the patients there. He does this by letting the patients indulge in their wildest dreams, desires, and fantasies. Sounds like the perfect recipe for disaster and the perfect form of amusement for viewers looking for something fun to watch this spooky season. The Ninth Configuration and all its glory drops on Shudder on October 3rd.
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Italian horror master Dario Argento makes his glorious return with his newest film, Dark Glasses, a horror/mystery/thriller about Diana (Ilenia Pastorelli), a former prostitute who lost her vision due to a brutal attack by a serial killer. Together, with the help of Chin, a Chinese boy who befriends her, Diana will try to survive the manic killer stalking her. Coming to Shudder on October 13th, Dark Glasses promises to be nightmarishly strange, and bizarre in all the best possible ways.
Get ready to laugh and scream within the same breath when you watch Deadstream, a satirical, comedy/horror flick. Shawn Ruddy (Joseph Winter), a former internet sensation now a disgraced has been is trying to win back his fame and fortune. Naturally, his plan is simple, relaxing, and nonlife-threatening. Shawn decides to visit Death Manner, the most haunted house in the United States, and spend one frightening evening alone inside its walls. However, Shawn doesn’t take into account a vengeful spirit who haunts the place and doesn’t take too kindly to visitors. So now, like all horror movies, things go amiss and Shawn finds himself fighting for his life. Will he make it out alive, or find himself killed alive? Find out when Deadstream comes to Shudder on October 6th.
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