Annabelle Movie Order: A Complete Guide

The Conjuring ve Annabelle Serisinin İzleme Sırası
The Conjuring ve Annabelle Serisinin İzleme Sırası from


If you are a fan of horror movies, then you must have watched the Annabelle series. The franchise has been a huge success since the release of the first movie in 2014. Annabelle is a doll that has been possessed by a demonic spirit, and the movies tell the story of the terror it unleashes on those who come into contact with it. In this article, we will guide you through the Annabelle movie order so you can enjoy the series in its entirety.

The Annabelle Movie Order

The Annabelle series consists of three movies, with the first movie being released in 2014. The movies should be watched in the following order:

Annabelle: Creation (2017)

This is the second movie in the series, but it is a prequel to the first movie. Annabelle: Creation tells the story of how the doll was created and how it became possessed by a demonic spirit. The movie is set in the 1950s and follows a group of orphans who move into a house owned by a doll maker and his wife. As you can imagine, things go horribly wrong, and the orphans soon realize they are not alone in the house.

Annabelle (2014)

This is the first movie in the series and follows a young couple who are expecting their first child. The couple is terrorized by the possessed doll, which was left in their home by a cult. The movie is set in the 1960s and is based on a true story.

Annabelle Comes Home (2019)

This is the third and final movie in the series. Annabelle Comes Home picks up after the events of the first movie and follows the Warrens, who have taken possession of the doll. The Warrens are paranormal investigators who have a room in their house where they keep all the cursed objects they have collected over the years. Unfortunately, Annabelle is not content to stay locked up, and she unleashes havoc on the Warrens’ daughter and her friends.


The Annabelle movie order is essential to understanding the series as a whole. By watching the movies in the correct order, you can see how the story unfolds and how the characters are connected. Whether you are a fan of horror movies or just looking for a scare, the Annabelle series is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. So, grab some popcorn, turn off the lights, and enjoy the terror that is Annabelle.

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