[SEE] this is what would happen if Garou faced Cell in a duel to the death, incredible fanart recreates the epic battle in great detail , Anime News


dragonball It is one of the audiovisual works with the most relevance and fame throughout the world, its success transcends from television, cinema and video games. As a result of its great popularity, for some years Goku Day has been celebrated every May 9., commemorating the protagonist of the series created by Akira Toriyama. Now, searching the most inhospitable corners of the internet, we found a fanart that recreates what a fight between Garou of one punch man vs. Cell, in a crossover that many would give their lives to see.

As we know, one punch man It is one of the most influential works today, although today it does not have as much repercussion as at the time when it came outmanaged to be a cult work that cultivated its own fans who follow the manga and anime religiously, on the other hand, many fans of dragonball They have wondered what would happen if the characters of both series faced each other.

Dragon Ball X One Punch Man This Is What Would Happen If Garou Faced Cell In A Duel To The Death Incredible Fanart Recreates The Epic Battle With Many Details2

In the design we see Garou’s frantic movements and how Cell struggles to contain them.

Today, Reddit user Wadehek_bruh, answered the question that many fans had facing Cell and Garou, both with a very high power level and as we see in the fan artIt seems that their battle is very close and they are at a very similar level, without a doubt, it would be an epic battle, at the level of one punch man.

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