[SEE] This is what Raditz’s transformation into Super Saiyan looks like for the first time in fan-made video that could easily be canon , Anime News

dragonball It is one of the audiovisual works with the most relevance and fame throughout the world, its success transcends from television, cinema and video games. As a result of its great popularity, for some years Goku Day has been celebrated every May 9., commemorating the protagonist of the series created by Akira Toriyama. Now we found a video fan made which recreates what it would have been like when Raditz went Super Saiyan.

This fact has been the reason for thousands of fan art throughout the entire internet, however, the reality is that this wish of many fans is not a reality, for now, Raditz was always presented as Goku’s older brother, but consequently the weaker in the long run.Although his presentation in the series was that of a very powerful alien being, we soon realized that he was one of the weakest Saiyan warriors that existed.

(epilepsy warning for full screen flashes) It’s finally done x_x Super Saiyan Raditz, animated in the style of early DBZ Many thanks to my wife for her help, love and support in getting me through this <3

Due to this cruel reality, Many fans feel that Raditz deserves a second chance to redeem the character. and take advantage of it much more, since its appearance in the original series was sporadic, that is how this video fan madeproduced by a Twitter user, gives Raditz a second chance to impress all fans of Toriyama’s legendary series.

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