[SEE] impressive fanart animation compiles the most epic transformations in the history of Akira Toriyama , Anime News


dragonball It is one of the audiovisual works with the most relevance and fame throughout the world, its success transcends from television, cinema and video games. As a result of its great popularity, for some years Goku Day has been celebrated every May 9., commemorating the protagonist of the series created by Akira Toriyama. Now we found a video fan art on Twitter where you can see all the most epic transformations in the series.

One of the fundamental pillars of dragonball are the epic transformations that have been seen throughout the series, thanks to this many fans have made videos, illustrations and in some cases animations recreating epic moments or letting your imagination run wild with transformations that were never canon or official.

On this occasion the Twitter user @BatmAndrewArt, made an animation between the most iconic characters of the series that have had an epic transformation In Toriyama’s work, the animation style is similar to a sketch, and these moments were compiled in a particular animated gif that recalls all the characters from dragonball.

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