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We are a long way from ending the phenomenon of Super Mario Bros in Latin America, especially when the premiere of the film in digital format is oh around the corner. Thanks to iTunes we already have date and price for the launch of Mario and Luigi in digital version for Mexico.

When does Super Mario Bros the Movie come out in digital format

Despite the fact that for a few days the Mario movie has already been available in digital format in the United States, it will not be until Thursday May 25 that the tape be available in Mexico (and probably in Latin America). This date can be seen on iTunes and is the same as Prime Video confirmed a few weeks ago.

How much will the Super Mario Bros. Movie cost in digital format

According to what we can see in the iTunes pre-sale, Super Mario Bros the Movie will have a price of 349 pesos. This version includes the tape in 4K version, with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

Mario Bros The Movie Itunes Mexico

Mario Bros hits iTunes next Thursday

At the time of writing this note, Super Mario Bros the Movie It is the third best-selling tape on the platform, only behind fast and furious 9 and Dungeons and Dragons. On the other hand, the price of the tape has not been revealed on other platforms such as Prime Video or the Microsoft Store.

Super Mario Bros It will arrive on digital platforms just a few days after the film became the second highest grossing film in Mexico and the fifth highest grossing animated film worldwide.


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