This Xbox Series X includes one of the best console exclusives and can be purchased at a discount on Amazon Mexico for 11,999 pesos

We recently shared with you mega discount of the Nintendo Switch OLED Zelda edition, which has slightly increased its price. Well, we don’t leave box X fans aside and that is why we show you a great option for you to put down your Xbox One once and for all and play the latest games.

amazon mexico has the xbox series x with the digital edition of force horizon 5 included by 11,999 pesos. Given its price, shipping will be completely freeand if you are a user Amazon Primeyour package will have priority arriving soon.

Xbox Series X Console - Forza Horizon 5 - Bundle Edition

Xbox Series X Console – Forza Horizon 5 – Bundle Edition

In addition to touring the mexican landscapesits integrated edition is the Premium, which its price in store is 2,599 pesos. That is, in addition to including the standard version of the game, you will have the benefits of having a welcome package, the expansion of Hot Wheelsa VIP membership, the Car Pass, and the second expansion which is already available.

He xbox series x has become a mega gaming machine thanks to its service of GamePass. Yes ok, force horizon 5 is in said service, once you buy the bundle shown, the game will be permanently on your console with all your benefits even if you don’t have Game Pass.

While the Activision purchase Keep hanging by a thread in every court in the world, don’t let go of the opportunity to enter the generation in turn and continue to enjoy all the benefits that Xbox offers.

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