This popular classic racing game gets state-of-the-art technology almost 19 years after its release thanks to a fan


Need for Speed ​​Underground 2 is one of those classic PS2 games that everyone remembers. Although almost 19 years have passed since its release, this EA title has taken an incredible leap in time with the help of Nvidia technology and its powerful graphics cards… plus the patience and work of a fan of the virtual races.

Nvidia RTX Remix makes it possible

RTX Remix is ​​the name of the Nvidia tool, which is currently in early access and allows fans and modders create new versions of your favorite games with two programs in particular:

  • RTX Remix Creator Toolkit
  • RTX Remix Runtime

With RTX Remix Runtime, Game content can be swapped during playback and RTX, DLSS 3 and Reflex technologies can be added. He RTX Remix Creator Toolkit allows modders to revamp games by assigning new assets and lights and using Artificial Intelligence tools.

In the video of Uncle Burrito, who is awarded the modifications, it can be seen that the lighting effects change very sporadically and unnaturally. Of course, if you just look at individual screenshots of the video, the ray tracing effects are much more pleasing to the eye. But better take a look with your own eyes:

We don’t hate the idea of ​​seeing more remakes like this with the power of RTX on older games…as long as developers can get access to all the tools. It is not yet known when RTX Remix will be fully available but you can let Nvidia notify you when that is finally the case.


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