These protectors for Nintendo Switch games will give a retro and nostalgic touch to your cartridges and can be purchased at Amazon Mexico

nintendoswitch It has a sea of ​​articles that you can get, and we have recently shared with you about micas and controls that you can have so that your hybrid console has a good set. On this occasion, we present you with an accessory capable of securing your cartridges so that they do not get lost.

The retro85 are a model that allows your games to have a nostalgic touch, since their design is inspired by the classic NES cartridges. Its price is 429 pesos in amazon mexico. For the users Amazon Primethe package will have free shipping and you will have priority arriving close to your destination.

Retro Fighters Retro85 Mini NES Cartridge Switch Game Cases - Nintendo Switch

Retro Fighters Retro85 Mini NES Cartridge Switch Game Cases – Nintendo Switch

Occasionally some holsters feature cartridge storage. But if this is not your case, the package allows you to save individually eight cartridges different, so if you have more games, it is better that you add a retro touch to those that you consider to be your favorites, or those that you feel are special to you.

Its spring mechanism closely resembles how cartridges are inserted in general. said spring allows the game to not crash of the cover When you want to remove it from your protection, you just have to press down.

If you’re old school, a little nostalgic, the type that buys physical games in droves, or just likes to appreciate what you love the most, then add a touch of creativity to your decor so that your games shine and at the same time are protected.

Nes Switch Cartridge

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