The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom: what are ghosts and what are ghost emblems for?

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom hides many secrets and rewards in Hyrule, but one of its main novelties regarding Breath of the Wild is the presence of caves.

If you are already playing and have explored a cave, you may have come across a strange glowing creature. What are these creatures they call ghosts and what are the emblems they leave behind when they disappear? We will explain it to you below.

Take into account that in this guide you will find light spoilers about discoveries and some secondary missions of Tears of the Kingdom.

The Mysterious Ghosts: Dwellers of the Hyrule Caves

the ghosts they are mysterious and shiny large creatures that you can find in the caves. If they detect you they will attack you with bubbles, but these are practically harmless.

img 3194

This is what a ghost looks like in Tears of The Kingdom

In every cave on the map there is a ghost, if you have not found it when exploring, it is very possible that there is a corner that you have not reviewed well or a hidden passage inside the cave that you have not seen. Keep in mind that they could be attached to walls or ceilings, so sometimes they are not so easy to find with the naked eye.

Despite their size, they are very easy to defeat. It usually takes a single arrow or a hit with any weapon for them to disappear, leaving behind a Ghost Crest.

The map has a useful feature for you to keep track of the caves where you have defeated the ghosts. Whenever you discover any cave it will appear marked on the map and if you also got its respective Ghost emblem you will see a little tick next to it indicating it.

img 3199

On the map you can see two caves: the one on the right has not yet found the ghost emblem, the one on the left has already been claimed

Kilton’s return with his brother Koltin

if you played Breath of the Wildmaybe you remember Kilton, a mysterious character who usually appeared at night and who traveled in a colorful tent in a balloon. Well, this character is back in Tears of the Kingdom and now he is not alone, but is accompanied by his brother Koltin.

In Breath of the Wild Kilton offered you costumes and masks related to the monsters of Hyrule, pieces of equipment with which you could camouflage yourself among the opponents. His presence in Tears of the Kingdom it serves a similar purpose, although things have changed a bit and it has to do with Phantasm Emblems.

Where to find Kilton and Koltin?

Kilton and Koltin will appear for the first time very near the Rancho del Bosquelocated very close to the Kolog Forest a little to the east of the center of the Hyrule map.

When talking to them there will be a small side quest that will teach you what you can use the Ghost Emblems for.

ghosts 1

Kilton in the vicinity of Rancho del Bosque

What are the Ghost Emblems for?

Koltin is obsessed with becoming a Ghost, so he’ll happily take any Ghost Emblems you’ve collected from your hands. In return you will receive items very similar to what his brother sold in Breath of the Wild. Ghost Crests are small gems left behind by Ghosts when they disappear and Koltin ingests them in hopes of one day taking the form of these mysterious creatures of Hyrule.

That said, the Ghost Emblems are nothing more than a bargaining chip with which you can buy the exclusive merchandise offered by Koltin in his traveling shop.

Unlike his brother’s shop in the previous game in the series, where you could buy items of your choice, Koltin’s shop instead offers you items and packs of monster materials that you must buy one by one to unlock. the next.

img 3195

This is what a Ghost Emblem looks like

Where to find the Koltin store?

After the first encounter with these peculiar brothers, you can find Kilton in Arkadia Village east of Hyrule. The first night after you talk to him, Koltin will have his shop on a hill near the valley that surrounds Arkadia.

After this first meeting, Koltin will travel throughout Hyrule. You can look for it at night -after 9:00 pm- in various locations on the map.

ghosts 2

Koltin will attend the store that in Breath of The Wild belonged to his brother. He will accept Ghost Crests as currency.

Bonus tip: keep an eye out for cherry blossoms

Need a little help finding all the caves and Ghost Emblems you need to get? attentive to the cherry blossoms you will find in Hyrule.

In front of them you will find a small plate where you can offer a fruit, if you do, a mythical creature that will highlight with a beam of light all the caves where there are ghosts.

img 3198

The cherry blossoms will help you locate the caves where you haven’t found Ghost Emblems yet

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