The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a lot of fun, but you also have to put up with a cinematic that repeats itself for over 16 minutes.


There is no doubt that one of the most important games of the year is The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and so much for their very high qualifications as for the whole conversation that it is generating among the community, it is already one of the strong candidates for game of the year.

Although there is a consensus about the benefits of the game, there have also been some critics important. One of them has to do with a cinematic that cannot be anticipated and that you will see for more than 16 minutes. on your adventure through Hyrule.

The price to pay to have the complete map of Hyrule in your hands

Throughout Hyrule you will find towers to get 15 parts of the complete map of the surface of Hyrule and the archipelagos of islands in the sky. Instead of having to scale them as was the case in Breath of the Wildin Tears of the Kingdom you will enter through a door located at its base (sometimes with an extra puzzle) and then you will be catapulted out so that while you glide through the skies you will obtain the information on the map.

The cinematic to which we refer happens as soon as Link is prepared by the mechanisms of the tower to be catapulted: arms of sheika technology -similar to those of the guardians of Breath of the Wild– They place it inside the barrel and connect a cable to Prunia’s tablet. Subsequently, Link is launched into the skies, from where he scans the terrain with the tablet and sees how that information falls in the form of a small light down the cable to the base of the tower.

The truth is that the first times it is a very beautiful cinematic and even impressive because of the way in which the transition between the earth and the archipelagos of islands in the sky occurs, but It is also true that when you have seen it more than three times you realize that it is exactly the same animationthe only difference being the terrain around you.

If you consider that this animation cannot be skipped –outside of the part that shows how the fast travel point is activated– we have a sequence longer than 65 seconds. If you consider that you will see the same animation 15 times, by the number of towers present in Hyrule, you will realize that it is more than 16 minutes that you will spend watching the same animation that repeats itself over and over again.

Some may not be bothered, there will be others who like to see the game map in this way -whoever writes this note belongs to that group- but, whatever, this is a price to pay for having the map of complete hyrule.

Is this a valid complaint? Maybe yes for many players. For me I would rather think of the animation of the crimson moon as the one that breaks the rhythm of the game the most. Fortunately, that one can be skipped, but we do have to pause the game for a few seconds while one of the few loading screens we see during our game sessions goes by.

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