Resistance sparks intrigue with mysterious tweet from Insomniac Games, but the news is not encouraging

PlayStation is going to need new FPS if it wants to be at peace with the idea that call of duty may be out of reach in a decade, but apparently, that is not a priority for the Japanese manufacturer and neither for Insomniac Games, the studio behind the series of shots Resistance.

For whatever reason, the Burbank, California-based studio took to Twitter today to remember its iconic FPS series, which had its last installment back in 2011. Of course, fans were quick to get excited, but Insomniac Games didn’t want to leave any room for speculation and it killed any hypothesis about the return of the saga.

“No (there are none in development), right now, we’re focusing on our current set of titles. We just like to post about our legacy games from time to time”

The answer is not surprising, since Insomniac is a fundamental part of the year of PlayStation releases, and is preparing to launch Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Very early in the scandal over Microsoft’s purchase of Activision, documents surfaced in which Sony expressed concern about the possibility of Xbox turning call of duty exclusively, which brought to the surface the oblivion in which the Japanese have some of their most famous shooter franchises of the seventh generation of consoles: kill zone and Resistanceneither of which will be returning anytime soon.

It should be noted that Guerrilla Games has also been very clear in the fact that it is working on a new adventure for Aloy, and although this does not necessarily mean completely forgetting about kill zone, that there was a new installment in plans would be a surprise. The complete series of Resistance sold 11 million copies, which perhaps explains why it won’t come back (there were 6 installments, including one for PSP and 2 remasters)

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