F1 23 preview: We tested the impressive racing game from EA and Codemasters, now with improved handling for console controls


F1 23 preview: We tested the impressive racing game from EA and Codemasters, now with improved handling for console controls

This weekend there is Formula 1, and not just any race awaits us: it is nothing more and nothing less than Monaco. So time to talk about F1 23 It is unbeatable, and we already had the opportunity to try it. What awaits virtual racers this year in the best and only top-class racing simulator on the market? Join us to find out!

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F1 22 it was a conjunctural rendition for the series. It was the first installment in which we perceived, for the first time, the influence of Electronic Arts in the game, after the acquisition of Codemasters in February 2021. But the impact was perhaps not as desired, with the introduction of a simulator of bland life, albeit spiced up with some improvements on the track. Well, it seems that this year, the franchise will pick up the pace with an almost absolute focus on what matters most: driving.

A few days ago, we had access to a beta of F1 23, and although we still can’t tell you everything, we are left with a very good taste in our mouths. First, for the return of the story mode Brake Pointwhich was already announced, and second because driving experience improved on what was already a pretty solid leadership system.

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Curves and starts are the instances where the improvements to handling are most noticeable

The beta that we tested gave us access to seven grand prizes that, although they do not fully represent the juicy offer of a saga with multiple modalities, allowed us to at least feel the wheel in our hands… through the control. And this last description could not be more precise, since F1 23 introduces refined handling and physics, as well as a new system, called Precision Drivewhich, as the name indicates, confers greater finesse to the handling with control, which for a game that divides its attention between console controls and steering wheels, is something extremely important.

A real ace at the wheel

But what does all this mean in practical terms? F1 23 it is perceived even more responsive than last yearand that Codemasters did a great job with the previous game.

This is one of those things that is difficult to describe for someone who does not have control in their hands, but a quick and effective way to do it is to say that the mixture between the redesign of physics, handling and Precision Drive, they make the single-seaters feel F1 22 heavier compared to what we have this year.

F1 is a very delicate game and it takes a while to get used to each setting.

This is especially noticeable at the starting start, where the cars are close together, and you require maximum precision in the manoeuvres; in the curves; and, it is true, in the pairings between cars, which surely also obeys timely corrections to artificial intelligence.

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In years past, going side-by-side with a rival was perceived as a recipe for disaster, but now it’s as if your car and the competitor’s car are carrying opposite poles of a magnet, allowing you to race without crashing as easily, and feeling like a real ace at the wheel. That doesn’t mean you can’t swap paintbut it is less likely.

On top of that, the controls and assists menu now includes a new set of options for fine-tuning the response levels of each button, including the triggers and sticks on the controller, which is impressive. We didn’t want to mess with this too much, well F1 It’s a very delicate game and it takes a while to get used to each setting, but it’s a clear testament to Codemasters’ commitment to console gamers.

F1 23 Screenshot 2023 05 26 13 00 00 35

Every time you touch a button or move a lever, you can visualize its level of response

Another novelty worth mentioning applies to the Weekend Structure, where one more is added to the five race extensions that existed: Mediumwhich represents 35% of the duration of a real competitionand grants a balanced career alternative between the 11 or 13 laps of the short prize, lasting about 25 minutes, and the long experience of 45 minutes.

Subtle, but noticeable improvement in graphical presentation

The option Medium represents a demanding challenge, but not too much, of just over half an hour which, in the case of circuits like Silverstone, takes the competition from 13 laps to 18 laps, which requires the same single pit stop, but with more management of tires towards the end (depending on the strategy, of course).

F1 23 Screenshot 2023 05 19 17 36 50 14

Pilot and NPC modeling improved

That being said, we also note a subtle but noticeable improvement in graphical presentation, with more realistic and natural-looking models, both for drivers, as well as for technicians and mechanics, diluting that stiff air that the saga has displayed for many years, highlighting Codemasters’ inexperience with everything that lies outside the car and the track. Well, that is less and less noticeable. They are one of those discreet improvements, but that series veterans will notice and appreciate, and that, we assume, will go hand in hand with the general visual polish required by the return of the cinematic mode, which we will talk about in due time.

Presumably this will also give a slight boost to the solo racing experience, which involves frequent interactions between NPC’s, whether they are teammates, journalists or mechanics. But that remains to be seen, as many, many more things remain to be seen. F1 23.

That being said, at the end of the day, purely handling-wise, we were very pleased and can’t wait to share more about the story mode and get our hands on the final experience, when F1 23 debut next June 16.

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F1 23 preview: We tested the impressive racing game from EA and Codemasters, now with improved handling for console controls

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