EA Sports FC will be better without FIFA, says Electronic Arts executive: breakup will allow more innovation

The future awaits! After 30 years of relationship, this will be the first time that Electronic Arts launches its legendary soccer game without the acronym of the International Federation of Association Football, and what might seem like a simple change of identity towards EA Sports FCsupposedly it will be an opportunity to innovate, declared to The Mirror, David Jackson, vice president of brand.

“It’s a mindset shift for us. We now think very broadly about the opportunities and areas in which we would like to create fan experiences in the future. We have great confidence in what we will be able to bring to the market later this year.”

Jackson said that what will not change are the ideological pillars of the franchise, shaped by authenticity and an appetite for innovation, “and our ability to create new and captivating experiences what fans tell us they expect from us at EA.”

When will EA Sports FC 24 be announced?

the informant Tom Henderson He claimed to have the date of disclosure: July 12 or July 13. Sources of Insider Gaming -the portal headed by Henderson- assure that the revelation of the new game will be on one of those two dates, it will offer all the relevant information about the transformation of the game, and will conclude by showing the cover, and opening the pre-orders.

What innovations could it include? EA Sports FC 24, impossible under FIFA guidelines? That is the big question we all ask ourselves. A few months ago, EA head Andrew Wilson described the relationship as an obstacle to developing new modes and expanding digital ecosystems, whatever that means. That being said, other things come to mind as well, such as less “correct” celebrations, a more realistic or graphic portrayal of injuries, and other less pure, but more in-the-field, authenticity issues. every weekend.


EA revealed the new image of FIFA last April

It goes without saying that FIFA uses the same discourse and, a few months ago, Gianni Infantino, president of the body, said that whatever the developer, FIFA It will continue to be the quintessential soccer game for children, although it is unknown who will take the reins of the saga from now on and, therefore, it is virtually impossible for there to be a new installment in the series this year. The advantage of time (decades), has it EA Sports FCfor now.

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