Dragon Ball: this is how Trunks would look in Beast mode; imitating teacher Gohan at his maximum power


There is no doubt that Trunks from the future is one of the most beloved characters of dragonball; his story is one of the most tragic in the series, and furthermore, his design of “hero of the future” with everything and sword caused a stir since its revelation years ago. This Saiyan always impacts when he appears on the scene, and he would do it more than ever if he were to transform into Beast modeas you are about to see.

We really know very little about the Beast mode, because although it has been said that it is an exclusive transformation of Gohan, at any moment Akira Toriyama can change his mind, and just like his teacher, Trunks also boasts unique transformations that no other Saiyan has managed to achieve, as we saw at the end of the Goku Black arc in Dragon Ball Super.

Dragon Ball Super: This is the reason why Goku and Vegeta will never be able to reach Gohan's Beast mode in the future of the series

What would Future Trunks look like in Beast mode then? quite… wild as you can tell; this fanart actually reminds us of the crazy designs of Dragon Ball afthe non-canonical project that stood out for its striking transformations, although speaking of the canon, this Trunks also seems to reflect the muscular Super Saiyan that debuted in the Cell saga, more for the hair than for the physique chosen in the fanart.

Dragon Ball This Is How Trunks Would Look In Beast Mode Imitating Master Gohan At His Maximum Power 2

We like more and more how fans imagine Beast mode on other characters

Dragon Ball: Future Trunks is taking a break

In the official story, we last saw Future Trunks leaving with Mai for a new timeline where they hope to live in peace, so the manga most likely won’t give us another glimpse of the hero from the future. The present day version of him, however, is all grown up and looks quite similar to Trunks from Dragon Ball GTAlthough this one doesn’t have the teacher-student connection to Gohan that many fans love.

What we can almost assure about the Beast mode is that Gohan will use it again in battle, although it never ceases to be interesting to imagine dream scenarios like what this design shows us and of other Saiyans sporting the impressive transformation, such as Goku and Vegeta. .


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