Dragon Ball Super: this is how Black Gohan would look in particular fanart that is now official thanks to Super Dragon Ball Heroes


dragonball It is one of the audiovisual works with the most relevance and fame throughout the world, its success transcends from television, cinema and video games. As a result of its great popularity, for some years Goku Day has been celebrated every May 9., commemorating the protagonist of the series created by Akira Toriyama. Now, searching the most inhospitable corners of the internet we find a fan art which anticipated the arrival of Black Gohan to Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

Since the appearance of Black Frieza in the manga of Dragon Ball Super and other variants like Black Goku, The fans have not stopped imagining how the version of the different characters of dragonball in the Black universe, now, Gohan joins these speculations but with his integration into Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

Dragon Ball Super This Is How Black Gohan Would Look In Particular Fanart Which Is Now Official Thanks To Super Dragon Ball Heroes2

The artist Tossu shares his version of Black Gohan via Twitter, something that in the end was far removed from the version that Super Dragon Ball Heroes ended up using.

So this “Gohan Black” appears to be from an alternate timeline where Trunks and Bulma die, but he is the only survivor.

Let’s remember that this version of dragonball It is very different from the main line or canonhere different characters with never-before-seen transformations and fusions are usually taken out to feed the most popular slot games in Japan, it is as a result of this that its launch in the universe of Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

Dragon Ball Super: this is how Black Frieza would look in the anime;  fanart shows the colors of one of Toyotaro's strongest villains

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