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Posted by Landon James | May 22, 2019
Internationally-celebrated and multi-award-winning acoustic wizard Trace Bundy will be performing kung fu on the fretboard this Thursday, May 23, at The Loft Orpheum Theater in downtown Buena Vista.
Bundy has sold out shows in more than 28 countries, independently peddled over 130,000 records, and has performed everywhere from Italian music halls to isolated African villages. A viral YouTube sensation with more than 40 million views (and rapidly counting), Bundy has become a household name in the instrumental acoustic guitar world for his remarkably authentic brand of stringed sorcery.
Born in Austin, Minn. (the notorious home of SPAM), Bundy moved to Buena Vista, as a young boy and soon started dabbling in music.
“I started playing guitar when I was about 11 or 12 years old when my brother Greg and I both chipped in $5 to buy a $10 acoustic guitar from a guy named Herbie,” Bundy recalls on his official website (www.tracebundy.com/bio/).
Unable to afford lessons, Bundy began teaching himself and learning everything from heavy metal to folk and blues. However, it was not long before he began discovering his own style and passion.
“I became very interested in why music sounds good and why different notes and chords seem to work together. The more music theory I learned, the more I started writing my own songs, trying to incorporate my new discoveries into my music,” Bundy explains on his website.
Like pebbles that start a landslide, the floodgates began to open for Bundy.
Sponsorships began pouring in from famous guitar-makers like Breedlove and McPherson, stocking Bundy with some of the best acoustic guitars that money can buy.
In 2008, Bundy made his entrance on the national guitar scene when he was awarded “Most Promising New Talent” of the year by Acoustic Guitar Magazine. That same year, Bundy took home third place in the publication’s “Best Fingerstyle Guitarist” competition without hardly breaking a sweat.
In 2014, ESPN recruited Bundy to participate in their international “SportsCenter Fan Jam” competition in which contestants were challenged to compose their best arrangement of the network’s iconic “Da Da Da! Da Da Da!” theme song. Half a million votes were cast online, with Bundy gathering the most votes, taking the top spot with ease.
Over the course of a two-hour broadcast, Bundy played the jingle eight times to millions of viewers. In the most unlikely of ways, Bundy had sports fans talking about his guitar virtuoso while watching Lebron dominate in the paint.
Such displays of skill and prowess have solidified Bundy as the official “Acoustic Ninja”, despite Bundy’s unwillingness to brag.
Taken from the title of one of Bundy’s popular songs, the nickname never really stuck until a Fort Collins publication the Rocky Mountain Collegian published an article on Bundy entitled “Attack of the Acoustic Ninja”. All of a sudden, Bundy’s nickname began proceeding him wherever he went.
Entirely self-taught, Bundy never had a sensei and can’t break a board with his head, but his use of an acoustic guitar, pedal effects, and multi-instrumentalist are in a class entirely its own.
Doubling as a seasoned storyteller and comedian, Bundy often regales audiences with stories and laughs in between numbers, revealing the man behind the music. More than just a man with an acoustic guitar, a Trace Bundy show is a sensory experience.
Spending most of the year on the road, the chance to play a show in his Colorado hometown is a welcomed gift for Bundy.
“In Buena Vista, it’s really special. It’s surreal. For me, it’s more of a celebration concert than anything else,” Bundy beamed.
To see the “Acoustic Ninja” in action, visit www.brownpapertickets.com/event/4102743 to purchase tickets.
For more information about The Loft Orpheum Theatre, visit wwww.loftmusicvenue.com/the-loft-theater-at-buena-vista.

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