Academy Award Nominees 2019: The Best Of The Best

Here's a Complete List of the 2019 Academy Award Winners
Here's a Complete List of the 2019 Academy Award Winners from

The Oscars: A Night of Glamour and Excellence

Every year, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences comes together to celebrate the best of the best in the film industry. The Oscars, as they are popularly known, are the most prestigious awards in the world of cinema. From Best Picture to Best Director, from Best Actor to Best Actress, the Academy recognizes the most outstanding achievements in filmmaking. In this year’s awards, the nominees for the 91st Academy Awards were announced, and the competition is fierce.

Best Picture Nominees

The Best Picture category is the most coveted award of the night. This year’s nominees are:

  • Black Panther
  • BlacKkKlansman
  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • The Favourite
  • Green Book
  • Roma
  • A Star Is Born
  • Vice

Black Panther

Black Panther, directed by Ryan Coogler, is a groundbreaking superhero movie that transcends the genre. With an all-black cast and crew, the film has been hailed as a cultural phenomenon. It tells the story of T’Challa, the king of Wakanda, who must defend his country against a powerful enemy. The film has been praised for its stunning visuals, memorable characters, and socially relevant themes.


BlacKkKlansman, directed by Spike Lee, is a provocative drama based on a true story. It follows Ron Stallworth, the first African-American detective in the Colorado Springs police department, who infiltrates the Ku Klux Klan in the 1970s. The film has been praised for its sharp wit, powerful performances, and timely message.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody, directed by Bryan Singer, is a biopic of the legendary rock band Queen and its lead singer Freddie Mercury. The film chronicles the rise of the band, its iconic songs, and Mercury’s personal struggles. The film has been praised for its electrifying music, stunning performances, and emotional resonance.

The Favourite

The Favourite, directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, is a dark comedy set in early 18th-century England. It tells the story of Queen Anne and her two close friends who vie for her attention and affection. The film has been praised for its witty dialogue, stunning cinematography, and outstanding performances.

Green Book

Green Book, directed by Peter Farrelly, is a heartwarming drama based on a true story. It follows the unlikely friendship between a black pianist and his white driver as they travel through the Deep South during the 1960s. The film has been praised for its uplifting message, powerful performances, and authentic portrayal of a difficult time in American history.


Roma, directed by Alfonso Cuarón, is a semi-autobiographical drama set in 1970s Mexico City. It follows the life of a maid who works for a middle-class family and her relationship with them. The film has been praised for its stunning black-and-white cinematography, intimate storytelling, and masterful direction.

A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born, directed by Bradley Cooper, is a romantic drama that tells the story of a seasoned musician who discovers and falls in love with a struggling artist. The film has been praised for its powerful music, emotional performances, and poignant message about fame and addiction.


Vice, directed by Adam McKay, is a satirical comedy-drama about the life of former Vice President Dick Cheney. The film has been praised for its dark humor, outstanding performances, and relevant commentary on American politics.

Other Nominees

The Academy Awards also recognize excellence in other categories. Here are some of the nominees:

  • Best Director: Alfonso Cuarón (Roma), Spike Lee (BlacKkKlansman), Yorgos Lanthimos (The Favourite), Adam McKay (Vice), and Pawel Pawlikowski (Cold War).
  • Best Actor: Christian Bale (Vice), Bradley Cooper (A Star Is Born), Willem Dafoe (At Eternity’s Gate), Rami Malek (Bohemian Rhapsody), and Viggo Mortensen (Green Book).
  • Best Actress: Yalitza Aparicio (Roma), Glenn Close (The Wife), Olivia Colman (The Favourite), Lady Gaga (A Star Is Born), and Melissa McCarthy (Can You Ever Forgive Me?).
  • Best Supporting Actor: Mahershala Ali (Green Book), Adam Driver (BlacKkKlansman), Sam Elliott (A Star Is Born), Richard E. Grant (Can You Ever Forgive Me?), and Sam Rockwell (Vice).
  • Best Supporting Actress: Amy Adams (Vice), Marina de Tavira (Roma), Regina King (If Beale Street Could Talk), Emma Stone (The Favourite), and Rachel Weisz (The Favourite).

The Winners

On the night of the Oscars, the world will be watching to see who takes home the coveted statuettes. The competition is fierce, and the nominees are all deserving of recognition. Who will win? Only time will tell. But one thing is certain: the Academy Awards will be a night of glamour, excitement, and excellence.

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