A Monster Calls: A Must-Watch Movie For Fans Of Fantasy And Drama

A Monster Calls movie

As a movie enthusiast and a fan of fantasy and drama, I couldn’t help but write about the exceptional film, A Monster Calls. Directed by J.A. Bayona and based on Patrick Ness’s novel of the same name, this movie offers a unique blend of visual effects, emotional storylines, and thought-provoking themes. In this article, I will provide a comprehensive review of the movie, including its plot, characters, and production quality.


The story of A Monster Calls revolves around a boy named Conor O’Malley, played by Lewis MacDougall, who is struggling to cope with his mother’s terminal illness and the constant bullying he faces at school. Conor’s vivid imagination manifests in the form of a monster, voiced by Liam Neeson, who visits him at night to tell him three stories. Through these stories, the monster helps Conor understand the complexities of life and come to terms with his mother’s impending death.

One of the movie’s standout features is its stunning visual effects. The monster, created using a mix of motion capture and CGI technology, is a formidable and awe-inspiring presence. The movie’s cinematography and lighting also contribute to its overall visual appeal, with dark, moody tones that perfectly capture the somber mood of the story.

The acting in A Monster Calls is also exceptional, particularly from the young lead, Lewis MacDougall. He delivers a nuanced, emotional performance that is both heart-wrenching and inspiring. Felicity Jones, who plays Conor’s mother, is also outstanding in her portrayal of a woman facing her mortality.

The movie’s themes of grief, loss, and acceptance make it a poignant and thought-provoking watch. It offers a powerful message about the importance of facing our fears and embracing the difficult realities of life.


  • What age group is A Monster Calls suitable for?
    The movie is rated PG-13, which means it may not be suitable for young children. It deals with mature themes such as death and grief, and contains some intense scenes that may be upsetting for some viewers.
  • Is A Monster Calls based on a true story?
    No, the movie is not based on a true story. It is based on a novel by Patrick Ness, who drew inspiration from an idea by author Siobhan Dowd, who passed away before she could write the story herself.
  • What lessons can we learn from A Monster Calls?
    The movie offers several important lessons, including the importance of facing our fears and embracing difficult emotions, the value of storytelling and imagination, and the power of love and connection.
  • What is the significance of the three stories told by the monster?
    The stories told by the monster are metaphors for the complexity of life and the different ways in which people deal with difficult situations. They help Conor understand that life is not always black and white, and that there is beauty in pain and suffering.
  • What is the message of A Monster Calls?
    The movie’s message is that life is complex and filled with difficult emotions, but that it is also beautiful and worth living. It encourages viewers to face their fears and embrace the challenges of life with courage and resilience.
  • Is A Monster Calls a tearjerker?
    Yes, the movie is emotionally charged and may make viewers cry. However, it is also inspiring and uplifting, offering a message of hope and resilience.
  • Is A Monster Calls a horror movie?
    No, the movie is not a horror movie. While it does feature a monster, it is not a scary or gory film. Rather, it is a fantasy drama with strong emotional themes.
  • Is A Monster Calls worth watching?
    Absolutely. The movie is a beautifully crafted, emotionally resonant film that offers an important message about life and resilience. It is a must-watch for fans of fantasy and drama.

Pros and Cons


  • Exceptional visual effects and cinematography
  • Strong performances from the cast, particularly Lewis MacDougall
  • Thought-provoking themes and messages


  • May be too emotionally intense for some viewers
  • Pacing may be slow for some viewers


  • Prepare for an emotionally charged movie experience
  • Pay close attention to the stories told by the monster, as they hold important metaphors and themes
  • Bring tissues!
Closing Thoughts

A Monster Calls is a movie that will stay with you long after the credits have rolled. Its stunning visuals, outstanding performances, and thought-provoking themes make it a must-watch for fans of fantasy and drama. While it may be emotionally intense for some viewers, it offers an important message about life, resilience, and the power of storytelling.

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