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Poor critics rating doesn’t always mean the movie is bad, it could simply be underrated or misunderstood.
While it seems very clear what the most popular and successful movies of 2022 are, Everything All At Once being one of the highest-rated movies this year on Letterboxd. Letterboxd has been slowly gaining popularity over the years, and since its users are comprised of many legitimate film lovers, their opinions usually have merit.
Of course, when it comes to rankings on aggregate sites, there are always those movies that fall somewhere in the middle or to the very bottom. But this doesn't necessarily mean they're not good – they might simply be underrated by critics and the audience.
While The King's Daughter wouldn't be anyone's pick for the best of 2022, it was given absolutely horrendous reviews, despite the movie not being that bad. Following a seven-year delay, this finally hit the big screen in 2022, and many critics didn't find it worth the wait.
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Despite being reproached for its historical inaccuracy, this is a foremost a fantasy film, and it delivers a nicely executed spin on the classic mermaid tale. It excels in costume design and delivers wonderful settings and colors on the screen. It's the kind of film that makes one think while simultaneously allowing the viewer to escape reality.
Following the success of Emma (2020), Netflix decided to bring back another Austen classic in a fresh and cheeky adaptation of Persuasion. It almost felt like the audience had decided not to like this movie before it was even out, and the critics definitely got on board.
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While this might not be as great as Pride And Prejudice (2005) or Emma (2020), this movie is very self-aware and doesn't pretend to be something it's not. It's an enjoyable Regency-era romantic comedy and a new interpretation of the already seen material.
While not hitting the peak of cinema, Senior Year is sweet and endearingly funny. It's as predictable as these types of comedies usually are, but also manages to deliver a surprise or two along the way.
The film knows exactly what it is and pokes fun at itself, making the audience laugh along with it. It's a perfect movie to watch during a lazy weekend or put on in the background while doing something else. It also manages to bring forward the nostalgia by featuring callbacks to the early 2000s, making this a rewatchable comedy.
The Weekend Away was treated so harshly by the critics and audiences because it doesn't offer that nervous, on-the-edge-of-your-seat energy as a thriller. But it has a good plot and is thoroughly enjoyable. While the characters might have benefited from fleshing out a bit, the suspense of the movie was well built-up.
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It may seem a bit boring at first, but it turns into a good mystery, delivering some good plot twists. Leighton Meester's performance is believable, and the beautiful Croatian locations, like Split and Dubrovnik, elevate the movie further.
This franchise can't quite catch a break. From recasting Johnny Depp as Grindelwald to starring Ezra Miller, this movie seemed to be doomed from the beginning. Depp's absence was noticed by many fans, and the character chemistry seemed to be suffering due to it.
While opinions differ, The Secrets Of Dumbledore was an enjoyable film experience for many due to the the saving grace of Eddie Redmayne. Once again, he delivered a funny, whimsical performance, accompanied by a plot that was the most interesting yet, and enough twists to keep the audience engaged. In fact, many feel that this has to be one of the best fantasy films yet for 2022.
Rom-coms have been seemingly dying off in favor of other genres slowly taking over. So Marry Me, starring two old favorites – JLo and Owen Wilson, was a welcome surprise to the audience, and arguably one of the best rom-coms of 2022. Yes it's predictable and follows the well-known formula of romantic comedies, but this movie accepts that and elevates it to a whole new level.
It's an utterly enjoyable film with an unusual main pairing, but something about Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson just seems to work. The world needs more stories like Marry Me that give the audience the much-needed escape from the world and offer hope for the future.
Considering its star-filled cast, The Gray Man should have much higher ratings everywhere. It seems like the critics and some audience members were disappointed, or perhaps their expectations were too high, but this movie is actually an excellent choice for action fans. The cast had previously acted in a variety of action movies, so they all brought different expertise.
Chris Evans delivered a surprisingly convincing villain performance, considering he's been the superhero for a long time, and the cast chemistry is very much present. Ana de Armas also delivered some superb action fighting skills that the audience will very much enjoy.
For fans of Indiana Jones movies, this is a fun treasure hunt film to watch. It definitely does not favor realism, but it's entertaining. While in many people's opinions, Mark Wahlberg could have done more with the given material, it was Holland's performance that truly shined in Uncharted.
The banter between Wahlberg and Holland was fun to watch and wonder if they will eventually backstab each other. While it might not be comparable to some classics, like National Treasure, it was a good attempt and a good movie to pass the time.
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