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Blissful, soft sunny mornings you wish would last forever.
Night owls, you might want to sit this one out. Or if you want to see the light (pun intended), then you’re welcome to stay for a read.
Here’s an unpopular opinion for you: morning is the best time of the day. not the typical, hectic weekday mornings, when you are up earlier than God frantically trying to get to your day job.
No, those mornings suck.
 I mean those weekend mornings or even the ones on your off day. The geriatric hours, when the retired class are running their errands while everyone else is at school or work.
The peace that comes with that time of day is unmatched. The sun is soft. The traffic is nonexistent. There is literally an entire day ahead of you. Absolute bliss. It is only right to have the perfect soundtrack match. 
Here are five songs for the perfect morning vibe:
Is this not the perfect song for a peaceful morning? Now, I usually prefer jazz tunes for a smoother, night-time mood. Jazz is just sexy in that way. But, I make an exception for this song. Bill Withers’ tone is smooth enough to make a corpse exhale in relief.  
Of course Stevie made the list! Morning sun is one of the most common themes in his music. Though this song is not specifically about morning rays, it’s mellow vibe is fitting for a calm start to your day.
Stevie starts the first verse of the song whispering as if he gently wants to wake us up. The song eventually builds to a layered vocal crescendo. It is a sweet love song, made for seizing the moment with the person you roll over to in the morning.
Jones has one of the most calming voices in the industry. Once you pair it with the simplistic guitar chords of this track, you get a very relaxing sound. This track is like a breath of fresh air. Hold the coffee and put some tea on instead. 
Again, I usually do prefer jazz records to set the night time mood, but this track from acid jazz band, Jamiroquai, is too relaxing to pass up. The track closely simulates the effect of a marijuana high, which is exactly what is referenced. It’s a trip of its own.
This one is definitely suitable for a morning drive. It’s the type of song that gets you to crank the windows down and catch the breeze. So maybe you do get stuck behind a 70-year-old in a Buick on their way to a doctor’s appointment.
It’s completely acceptable in the spirit of cruisin’! 
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